Installing on Mac OSX


If you are using Mac OS X, and have version (10.6) or greater installed, you can download the binary version from the SPD Points Viewer website which not only includes SPDLib but also the 3d points viewer. It is worth noting that the binary version is not updated as regularly as the source code so can be some versions behind the latest version.

Binary version for Mac OS X

This binary version is downloaded as a disk image (.dmg) and can be installed by dragging the SPDPointsViewer application to your 'Applications' directory. To enable the command line utilities add '/Applications/' to your PATH.

To edit your PATH add the following lines to the file '.bash_profile' which is within your home directory. This will need to be done from the command line as it is a hidden file.

export PATH

Installing from Source

The default parameters should 'just work' so please see the general installation guide for details.